ThinkSpace Founder – Pam Siow

Pam Siow is someone who built her fortune through the internet. She never aspired to be a business owner however circumstances forced her to be otherwise.

However, at 28 years old, she had $14,000 credit debt and sometimes, she could not even pay off the minimal payments. She was at a desperate point and started joining many seminars to open up her mind to find a new opportunity. Finally, she chanced across an internet marketing seminar which taught her to utilize the internet to launch a business on a small capital.

Armed with no idea, no product nor capital, she decide to launch a simple 3 pages website connecting violin students with teachers. She managed to quit her job within 4 months and paid off her debts within one year.

She built the largest music agency in Singapore. Subsequently, she systemized the business and took a 3 months holiday in Spain to celebrate. During this trip, she realized that she wanted to build a real business with her internet marketing and marketing skills. She returned to Singapore and launched her coaching business. With a massive fear of public speaking and no experience in building a brick and mortar business, she had the odds against her again.

Her first event was a complete failure. She marketed it and had 16 people turn up for her preview. After her event, all 16 walked out together. She simply called everyone up to learn and get their honest feedback. She listened to them and fine-tuned her next event which generated some results. After 1 year of intensive hard work, she overcame her massive fear of public speaking.

With one of the highest success rates among the industry, Internet Biz Owners Club has earned multi-millions within two years, helping thousands of aspiring and experienced business owners succeed by simplifying and de-mystifying online marketing into a simple and proven step by step system. She has also launched the Millionaire Protege Inner Circle which is a one year program helping new and established business owners build their first million dollar business with business skills, offline and online marketing strategies because Pam has grown beyond being the expert online, she has mastered the ability to market a business in all platforms.

Subsequently, many of her students approached her to support them in launching their digital campaigns and this was the birth of ThinkSpace who provides on-going support for companies to conceptualize, execute and increase their inquiries and dominate the internet space.

Pam has been interviewed by many media in both Singapore and Malaysia for her business and internet marketing advice. She contributes articles regularly to Star Papers, Straits Times, SME Magazines to share her expertise on business. Because of her recognition in the industry, she has been nominated as one of the finalists of the “Women of the Year 2013” by Simply Her and won an international Business Award – “Silver Stevie Award”.

Our Team

Our local team is supported by both a local and international team. We recruit hungry people who love marketing with a passion and love breaking the conventional rules. Our local team provides excellent customer support and we recruit creative people worldwide to add a dash of global perspective to our marketing campaigns.

Pam During Her Free Time

Pam is also a passionate animal lover and charity fundraiser. Since young, she has done fundraising for charities like SPCA and Action For Singapore Dogs. She also helped ACRES raise $35,000 in 2007 to build their animal rescue center. She is also a vegan, preferring not to participate in animal cruelty through food. She is also the main donator for The Branch Foundation, who supports 600 Burmese Refugees in Chang Mai and KIVA.

Her personal pastimes include diving, skydiving, yoga, trekking, dancing, painting and meditation. She is also a fanatical fan of detox programs, meditation retreats and attending spiritual workshops for self-discovery.