Case Studies

Case Study 1

Background: Our client, a leader in Biometric Locks approached us to re-brand and position them as the leader in the industry. Plus the referrals being recommended was slowing down. Goal: They wanted to enjoy regular inquiries through the internet and also acquire bigger clients. Strategy: Improve branding by creating their first website and position them to attract their 2 ideal target markets which are the corporates and the consumers and encourage them to consult with the company. Plus ensure that this website is found for non-branded however targeted keywords like biometric alarms and security alarm companies. Results: The website allowed the company to enjoy 20% increase in inquiries and also made it easier for them to close prospects through better branding and positioning of the company.
Biometric Lock Success Story

Case Study 2

Background: Our Client is in the Application business and was tired of racking up huge expenses and dwindling inquiries from offline channels. It was getting increasingly competitive in this industry. Goals: To acquire clients through the internet and reduce expenses. Strategy: We recommended creating 2 separate websites connected together through tabs to firstly, be more focused on different target markets and their needs. Secondly, through the connection, they could also cross-promote the services. To kickstart, we advertised through paid advertisements and subsequently, used search engine optimization services to rank the website for non-branded and buying keywords. The results were outstanding, our client generates 50% of the business through the internet now and reduced expenses up to 60%, because reducing the need for offline marketing channels.
Application Business Success Story

Case Study 3

Background: Our Client wanted to introduce an innovative product that would simplify the process of learning mandarin for children. The only issue was that the product was relatively new in the market and there was not many searches online. The client previously had a blog which didn't have much conversions when they launched their online marketing activities. Goals: To attract schools through a re-branding exercise and also attract consumers who buy the products directly on the website. Strategy: To embark on the strategy on acquire prospects through the internet by being found for the keywords - Mandarin lessons, chinese lessons, chinese tutors and many more non-branded keywords. To also build credibility and desire through Facebook marketing. When the website was launched, there was much interest even without much marketing efforts. Interest in the product has increased tremendously.
Leading Education Company

Case Study 4

Background: Our client, a top Network Marketer wanted to attract candidates through the internet because she realized about the potential of the internet and the amount of time people spent there. Goals: To be positioned as a credible company to attract highly qualified mothers looking for a second source of income. Attract prospects through the internet and systemize leads generation. Strategy: We re-branded her and helped her gain clarity on her ideal target market and positioned the website to attract them - qualified stay at home mothers. We also helped her rank on Page 1 for non-branded keywords - business opportunity and business opportunity in malaysia. She recruits 20% of her candidates through the internet and fits her ideal client profile too.    
Network Marketing Leader